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    Happiness is a butterfly

    I wanna do a 3.5

    It has some nice moments, but I wish it was more experimental and out-there like N1A and P2. :glamour:

    Songs like Blame It on Your Love, White Mercedes, and I Don't Wanna Know throw off the vibe. They sound like they belong on a different project.
    Album  Charli XCX - 'Charli' (2019)
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    Happiness is a butterfly
    Single  FKA Twigs - 'holy terrain' (2019)
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    self-titled albums are usually named as such because they present a definitive illustration of the artists who made them. charli pretty much perfected the music she was always destined to make on pop 2, but it still feels apt that out of all of her “studio albums” that this would be the one to earn her name. of course, people were inevitably going to compare this to pop 2 (which is still superior to charli, but it was a tough act to follow regardless), but after a number of listens i would confidently say that this is her second best release. it’s a solid sequel to pop 2, ranging from more commercial leaning songs that still feel new (gone, cross you out) to some of her best experimental work of which pop 2 would be proud (shake it, 2099, click). solid all round effort save for a few immediate skips, but we all knew they were coming.
    Album  Charli XCX - 'Charli' (2019)
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    Pink and Blue

    It's good. Some duds.
    Album  Charli XCX - 'Charli' (2019)
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    the rumors are true i don't like fka twigs:godney:
    Single  FKA Twigs - 'holy terrain' (2019)
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    LONGWAY2GO - bird world

    Def closer to a 7 than a 6, but not close enough to a 8 for a 4/5. Intermittently strong material hurt by a lack of central focus and a couple clunkers. Would love for her to push the electro pop sound a little farther, whether that be in the direction of house bubblegum bass etc.
    Album  St. Vincent - 'MASSEDUCTION' (2017)
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    I forgot to post something but I didn't like this nearly enough as I thought I would which I guess is a lot to be accounted for by early reviews hype. It was good and often smart, the world and world building were effortless and seamless and truly immersive, as well. Character work was great but I can't say I really did end up caring for them and I'm not sure if the puppetry work is at fault here because I didn't think I was bothered by it but thinking back now something was holding back. Its real life parallels and the social/political commentary were biting for sure but I honestly feel as if they were also the reason this show got greenlit in first place and I wouldn't be surprised to find out that if I looked up its production start date it'd be somewhere around Dump's inauguration tbh and I sometimes think that the way the whole thing was structured around it thematically placing a lot of its thematic core there made it come off to me as if it was a little too manufactured/farced to exist to be able to say what they wanted to say which I guess is true of most art but it feels more striking coming from a Netshits prequel of an existing film.

    Other than that, I agree that its existence is justified nonetheless and the world had a lot to be expanded upon, and still does. They did a terrific job technically most of the time and it's a large story of the size of an epic that feels fresh/original. moving and wholesome - something that mainstream cinema has struggled to produce basically for an entire decade now. I might have preferred some of Faltered Carbon's high ambitions mixed with messiness over this but either way I'm very happy it exists and if this was the kind of "franchise" building quality we wouldn't have such a stale portfolio of mainstream epics nowadays.
    TV  The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (2019)
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    Fantastic puppetry (mostly), stellar voice acting, superb sound design, wonderful sets and solid cinematography.

    There's something magical and awe-inspiring about the world of Dark Crystal. Captured better here than in the film. Lore is expounded upon. Social roles, climates and attitudes are demonstrated organically.

    Pacing of the plot kept me engaged. I would argue some episodes end on stronger notes than others, but the story never wavers. Both main, and supporting cast, were a joy onscreen. The Skeksis in particular were scene stealers.

    Even with all these positives, I can't give this a 5/5. Many formulaic elements are present that any viewer will clock a mile away. They don't subtract enjoyment from the series any great deal, but considering how unique Age of Resistance is for much of it's air time, it's unrefreshingly generic when these elements rear their heads.

    All in all, I do recommend The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. For medieval fantasy enthusiasts it's a must watch, but in general everyone should check this out.
    TV  The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (2019)
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    3.5—there’s a nice build up / tension in the beat but the climax could use more of a punch. the song will prob grow on me over time but I think she can do better.
    Single  Grimes, i_o - ‘Violence’ (2019)
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    Pink and Blue

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