Music Mariah Carey: The Singles Rate

48. I'll Be There (with... I don't remember)
Score: 4.181

So I think its interesting that this was hated because I don't mind it, but then again Michael Jackson's influence I guess? Interestingly among her 18 #1 hits I believe this is the only one she didn't write/co-write as its a cover of the Jackson 5 song. It's a cute song but for me it doesn't reach any huge height or anything.

The backstory is kind of interesting though. Apparently prior to this MTV Live session critics thought her voice was too good to be true and speculated there was some editing going on.

Scores: Supreme, Jay, and Genos all gave this a 1 or a 0
Sloth was the only one to give this above a 6 giving it... a 7

Every comment referenced MJ :rip:

Ridley: "MJ is rotting underground."
Subby: "Revived her European career but also put money into Molestor J's bank acc :/"
Supreme: "pedo jacksson is a rotten diseased CORPSE, mr george michael is in heaven right now with all his gay lovers, sippin on a pina colada and pissing at pedo jackson hihi "

shshss well​

47. One Sweet Day (with Boyz II Men)
Score: 4.500

I'll be honest, I do quite like this song, but its also kind of boring so there's that. Anyway as we know this used to hold the record for the longest run at #1 until Lil Nas X broke the record just this year. It's impressive nonetheless to see talented artists of colour passing the torch for this record :clap3:

As you can see I have nothing much to say bout the song.

Scores: Ridley and Sub gave it ZEROES
Radiohead, Tails, and I gave it 7-8s.

Subby celebrated Lil Nas X's achievement by stating "Thank GOD gay legend Lil Nas X stole the record from this turgid pile of shit". Supreme poetically mused "and i know bluth is shining down on me from the uk, like so many friends we lost along the way", while Ridley simply remarked "Awful." Meanwhile I say its not that bad but I digress.

Ugh Supreme tributing the victims of Brexshit, a saint like Saintgelina :heart3:
i know what you want is a BOP! besides the cringy worthy lyrics, bye bye is a cute song.
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50. Hero
Score: 3.636 :deadbanana3:

Despite being a remembered '90s power ballad, nobody likes it.

Literally. Even Mariah herself has expressed her distaste for this song. I mean sure it was successful, Rihanna covered it and everything, but does that really matter when its this BLAND?

People that gave this 0s: Subby, Supreme, Ridley
Everyone else gave this a 6 or lower except for Tails - 8 and Sloth - 8.5 :eeveeshook:

Supreme mentioned "mama this is garbaj" while Ridley referenced Rihanna her cover "Comically horrid. Rihanna's cover ruined any goodwill Hero may have had with me.". I mean, this whole time I typed this out I had it playing in the background and FORGOT it was on. Goodbye.

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i thought i gave this a 7
Damn I wasnt at home at all yesterday still am not :/ so I couldnt get it done
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