Madonna’s Best Album

What is Madonna’s best album?

  • Like a Virgin (1984)

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  • American Life (2003)

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  • Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005)

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  • Hard Candy (2008)

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  • MDNA (2012)

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  • Rebel Heart (2015)

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The Queen of Pop has 14 studio albums over the course of her career—an outstanding feat—starting with her self-titled debut album first released in 1983, and most recently with ‘Madame X’ in 2019.

Over the years, Madonna has explored a wide variety of sounds and visuals, branding herself as a chameleon and inventing the concept of “eras” and different personas between albums.

So now, I present you fomos, the age-old question: out of her fourteen studio albums, which one do you think is her crowning jewel?

You have two votes, so choose wisely.
I don’t have that strong an opinion here, most of the ones I’ve heard have been strong but flawed at least until she fell off with her last few.

But I’m gonna say self-titled and Bedtime Stories.

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