Dare (1981)

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Title: Dare
Artist: The Human League
Genre: New Wave
Released: 1981

1 - The Things That Dreams Are Made Of - 4:15
2 - Open Your Heart - 3:56
3 - The Sound of the Crowd - 4:05
4 - Darkness - 3:59
5 - Do or Die - 5:25
6 - Get Carter - 1:02
7 - I Am the Law - 4:08
8 - Seconds - 4:59
9 - Love Action (I Believe in Love) - 5:00
10 - Don't You Want Me - 3:56

Dare (released as Dare! in the U.S.) is the third studio album from British synthpop band The Human League. The album was recorded between March and September 1981 and first released in the UK on 20 October 1981, then subsequently in the U.S. in mid-1982.
The style of the album is the result of the rapid evolution of The Human League from experimental avant-garde electronic group into a commercial pop group under Philip Oakey's creative direction following the departure of fellow founding members Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh. Dare became critically acclaimed and has proved to be a genre-defining album, whose influence can be felt in many areas of pop music today. The album and its four singles were hugely successful commercially, with the album reaching #1 in the UK and being certified Triple Platinum by the BPI.
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