Oil of Every Pearl's Un‐Insides (2018)

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Title: Oil of Every Pearl's Un‐Insides
Artist: SOPHIE
Genre: Electronic
Released: 2018

1 - It's Okay to Cry - 3:50
2 - Ponyboy - 3:14
3 - Faceshopping - 3:56
4 - Is It Cold in the Water? - 3:32
5 - Infatuation - 4:40
6 - Not Okay - 1:48
7 - Pretending - 5:53
8 - Immaterial - 3:52
9 - Whole New World:Pretend World - 9:06


x æ a-12

fka bluth fka miss anthropocene fka jupiter
around four months or so prior to the release of oil marked the twentieth anniversary of ray of light, an album to which i drew vague connections due to its similar landmark status and its use of aquatic motifs. while madonna’s drowned world was part spiritual rebirth, part pre-natal meditation on madonna overcoming the misogynistic bullshit she endured through the nineties, sophie’s use of aquatic motifs juxtaposed against shattering percussion and latex synth lines presented a world anew: a world where the natural and artificial coalesced into a uniquely modern vision. bad industrial ketamine trip ponyboy segues into is it cold in the water, where a chorus of synths shimmer like light bouncing off rippling waves; abyssal white noise in pretending culminates in sophia the robot’s dictatorial manifesto for the new age on whole new world. is the push and pull between the natural and artificial a mere aesthetic choice, or is it a commentary on the supposed naturalness of gender? we may never know, but it makes for the most daring, conceptual and multi-faceted pop album of the decade.

absolute fucking masterpiece

best: is it cold in the water, ponyboy, whole new world... the whole thing really
pots and pans

I consider this a visual album in spite of there being no full-length visual. The image that this music creates in my head is fully FOUR-dimensional! SOPHIE made her stake as a game-changer right from her first few singles, but Oil of Every Pearl's Un‐Insides strives to do even more. Musically, it goes all over the place in a way I initially found messy, but have come along to. Thematically, I interpret this as almost a challenge to the listener: to take a look at the walls/constraints confining you... and take some form of action to shake those motherfkrs off! Whatever they are. Seems like gender identity is an understandably strong theme, but I think this idea can apply widely too. I would place this level of craft beyond "world-building" and call it something more like "world-terraforming."

I've said nothing of the textures and the sound reproduction at work here that stand out as stunningly singular in the 21st century production landscape! Her music is a joy to listen to even with my brain turned off. this absolutely goes for the remix album too, which this suite of course set the stage for.

When she says "WHOLE NEW WORLD" – it’s true and she should say it. I'd like to unequivocally say "bless Sophie" for the music she's made and for the great volume of work she was able to quickly inspire. With this album though, she conceptually leapfrogged way past almost all of that. She could stop working today (let me not) and her mark would be made. :worship:

I think this is my favorite project of 2018, although Die Lit is also insane and beats this out when it comes to replay value. Ultimately though, OIL is nothing less than a landmark release.

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