Fetch the Bolt Cutters (2020)

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Title: Fetch the Bolt Cutters
Artist: Fiona Apple
Genre: Pop
Released: 2020

1 - I Want You to Love Me - 3:57
2 - Shameika - 4:08
3 - Fetch the Bolt Cutters - 4:58
4 - Under the Table - 3:21
5 - Relay - 4:49
6 - Rack of His - 3:42
7 - Newspaper - 5:32
8 - Ladies - 5:25
9 - Heavy Balloon - 3:26
10 - Cosmonauts - 3:59
11 - For Her - 2:43
12 - Drumset - 2:40
13 - On I Go - 3:09

Fetch the Bolt Cutters is the fifth studio album by American singer Fiona Apple. It was released on April 17, 2020, and is Apple's first release in nearly eight years, since The Idler Wheel... in 2012. The album received widespread critical acclaim upon its release.

Background and recording
In 2012, Apple began conceptualising a new album, considering a concept album based on her home in Venice Beach or the Pando in Utah. In 2015, she began recording the album with bassist Sebastian Steinberg, drummer Amy Aileen Wood and guitarist Davíd Garza.

They began recording in Apple's Venice Beach home studio, using home-made percussive objects and chanting as they marched around the house. They spent three weeks at the Sonic Ranch studio in rural Texas, with little success. Upon returning to Venice Beach, they began making progress, with Apple recording long takes consisting of instruments being hit against surfaces and objects. Apple's vocals were unedited, and the album developed a highly percussive sound.

By July 2019, Apple had begun mixing the album. In September, the process began to slow down, with Apple developing doubts about the album. At this time, the artist first mentioned work on her new project in an interview with Vulture, explaining that she was still working hard on her next album which should have been released "a million years ago" and was hoping to put it out in 2020. She also admitted to being reclusive due to ongoing recording sessions at her Venice Beach house.

In January 2020, she played the mixes to her band members, whose positive response brought Apple back on track. In an interview that month, she said that the album process was in its final stages, with the only things left being "artwork and stuff". On March 9, 2020, she revealed that she had finished recording, making the announcement in sign language.

Music and lyrics
The album's sound is percussive and raw. Songs feature looped sections, and sudden tempo changes. Apple's long-time bassist Sebastian Steinberg compared the album to Apple's 2012 song "Hot Knife", describing it as "very raw and unslick". Lyrically, Apple identified its main theme as "not being afraid to speak". She also explores her complex social relationships with other women.


Second best album of 2020 methinks. It would be number one but some of the songs don’t really have any replayability value for me due to the unconventional structure of some of the songs. Doesn’t mean they’re bad! I just have to be in a certain mood to appreciate them
I appreciate how experimental she went with this record and it has 5 undeniable Fiona classics (I Want You to Love Me, Shameika, Ladies, Cosmonauts, and For Her) but overall it's not clicking with me like the Idler Wheel did, at least musically. Lyrically though she's never been better. The way she uplifts other women here is something I can't say I've seen done in music before (celebrating the girl who said she had potential in 'Shameika', identifying with the new partner of an abusive ex in 'Newspaper', defending the other woman in 'Ladies', and of course the Brett Kavanuagh inspired 'Relay' and 'For Her') and really separates it from the more generic corporate 'girl power' anthems we're used to seeing. It might not be the absolute masterpiece many critics made it out to be but it's still a great work from one of our greatest songwriters.
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