Film gaumaal's 105 all time films (105-8)

Where is Wong Kar Wai, hmm he made 9 Chinese movies gonna guess they'll make up the rest of this



9. Get Out (dir. Jordan Peele, 2017)
Total lightning in a bottle, a once in a lifetime flatout thrill ride that can endlessly twist and mold itself with each return viewing. Peele’s script is a marvel, jammed with riddles and winks that can shift their meaning based solely on the viewer. But, as an American black male, there’s so much of the film that I find darkly warming. I’ve seen those microaggressions in my own reality, I’ve been fetishized, and, obviously, whenever I see cops I melt into a puddle of dread too. As one of the biggest zeitgeist films of recent history, I don’t think I need to do much rehashing but yeah, this movie was easily all-time worthy for me after my very first viewing.

And yes, I would give Kaluuya/Williams/Gabriel/Keener ALL Oscars for their revelatory work. :worship:

8. Carol (dir. Todd Haynes, 2015)

Literally the greatest movie ever why did I not put this at #1
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