🎨 GFX request thread


need an avatar? some graphics for your rate? post your requests here!

please use this thread instead of PMing me to initiate requests. feel free to discuss with me in private on the specifics of the request, but I will be using this thread to manage inquiries.

my current queue:

1) @Allstar — graphics for the TV girls rate
2) @Genos — graphics for 105 fave films

1) @i spit on haters "I wanted a avi from 1:05 - 1:20 but I don't know if those other movie clips will block the frames around 1:20. :jonny:"

2) @Save-Me-Oprah "red dress scenes of The Lord"

3) @Bertha (any timeframe)


can i have an avi on the train at 1:50? if it could loop seamlessly when one of those billboards move in front of the screen that would be really neat 2!


Fortress Guardian

@Happiness is a butterfly I really want a 125x125 avatar of Camille storming out, but it's hard to pick out which scenes I want in the gif.

I really like Camille's pissy face from 2:13 - 2:14 for instance.

Help me please King. :jonny:


Fortress Guardian
Could you find another video link? It says it's not available in my country :jonny:
I searched YouTube but no one else has the clip. Could only find Bravo's FLOP snippet version here:

I guess instead 1:08 - 2:22 of the above video but ONLY the shots of Camille (or at least the expressive ones) would be good too.


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