Album Charli XCX - 'Charli' (2019)


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self-titled albums are usually named as such because they present a definitive illustration of the artists who made them. charli pretty much perfected the music she was always destined to make on pop 2, but it still feels apt that out of all of her “studio albums” that this would be the one to earn her name. of course, people were inevitably going to compare this to pop 2 (which is still superior to charli, but it was a tough act to follow regardless), but after a number of listens i would confidently say that this is her second best release. it’s a solid sequel to pop 2, ranging from more commercial leaning songs that still feel new (gone, cross you out) to some of her best experimental work of which pop 2 would be proud (shake it, 2099, click). solid all round effort save for a few immediate skips, but we all knew they were coming.
I wanna do a 3.5

It has some nice moments, but I wish it was more experimental and out-there like N1A and P2. :glamour: Songs like Blame It on Your Love, White Mercedes, and I Don't Wanna Know throw off the vibe. They sound like they belong on a different project.
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