👔 Fashion (Recent Cops thread)


Where do you live? :twins:

And is that just a goodwill or sumn
i live/work in manhattan lol, my work is near the villages

i go to beacon's closet which usually has higher end stuff, like both things today were $40 each...but i've also found legit steals there and ofc its cheaper than retail lol


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the opposite actually, I think vintage stuff are from the older decades (like the 50s/60s/70s) and they have visible signs of aging etc

retro is more for something trying to imitate a style / fashion / design from the recent past (80s / 90s / 00s)
UGH i knew I had it right the first time (the other way around) :justabit: !!!! smh
I didn’t know this was a thread. I just bought something that should be here Friday. Will post if it looks good on me :skarlet2:

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