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any specific songs tho? i’m not well versed enough to distinguish different genres within kpop :orange:

lim kim - sal ki
lim kim - love game
sunmi - noir
dalsooobin - katchup
red velvet - LP
looona / odd eye circle - girl front
loona / odd eye circle - loonatic
loona - rosy
wjsn - you got
red velvet - zimzalabim

trashy bops:
dia - woowa
itzy - dalla dalla
red velvet - umpah umpah
aoa - ladi dadi
exid - we are
apink - eung eung
I love every produce 101 final group EXCEPT wanna one

that being said this song is... not good
the song is kinda meh, it didn't set them apart from other groups, hope they will release better songs in the future


Beep beep move bitch
I already stanned Wooseok before 101, but Minhee is my fave in X1. Their mini was kind of disappointing tho, agreed


Beep beep move bitch
also finally listened to the boyz new mini album and its really good. this is one of their best tracks tbh


this went off but i still love me some sissy kindergarten pop boybands like the boyz and txt
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