Games Final Fantasy X-2 (2003)


Fortress Guardian
Ever experience loss, so you try to live your life uninhabited?
Ever feel like you never get to have fun? Laugh?
Are you still haunted by the past, so you try to establish a new future?
Have you ever struggled to find your place in a new status quo?

Final Fantasy X-2 tackles questions like these and so much more. Often frowned upon for it's "girly" vibrant aesthetic and female-only player party, many Final Fantasy fans are quick to call X-2 a sequel that ruins what the original had. These claims are bogus. X-2's narrative goes all the way in delivering complex insight to Yuna in a post-Sin world. If anything it juxtaposes X perfectly.

X-2's battle system is an absolute blast to play. The conditional turn-based battle system in Final Fantasy X has been replaced by a faster-paced variation of the Final Fantasy series' traditional active time battle (ATB) system.

Musically speaking, X-2 features some stunning compositions. I want to hightlight how much more fun the OST overall is compared to X's. Reflecting how Spira is no loner plagued by pain.
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