👨‍⚖️ Do you believe in the death penalty?


Why or why not?

This is a classic & controversial debate topic and I'm curious to see what people here think about this subject.

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giving the state power to take someone’s life is dark-sided!!!!!!!!!!
With false convictions happening too often I just can't approve of it tbh. Some people really feel like they don't deserve to live but who are we to decide that tbh. Two wrongs don't make a right either. It just seems like a slippery slope deciding who deserves to be given the death penalty tbh, how serious does the crime have to be to warrant it? From a financial perspective of keeping the prisoner alive VS the death penalty tho idk, do prisoners turn a profit in the prison industrial complex idk? :coolfish:
no i live in a country where death penalty still exits and it doesn't stop the criminals. and it's disappointing to see the gp here also believe death penalty shouldn't be cancelled :deadpumpkin2:

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