TV Game of Thrones (2011 - 2019)

I will give this 4 stars—even though the last few seasons really declined in quality—it was still one of the most memorable TV shows of our time with characters that made you want to emotionally invest in them.


Fortress Guardian
No matter how great earlier seasons were, the amazing characters literally all end up as utter shit empty versions of themselves. Definition of tarnished gold. Rest in piss FAD of pop.
Some truly terrific stuff and at times this felt grander and more exciting than almost anything else I'd seen but alas, this is 2019 and we all know how it turned out. Think we've talked this through this year and in the rate so much that we all know each other's thoughts in depth by heart now so no need to elaborate more.

I think in some ways it'll still remain one of my favorite shows but only for the things that I want to remember and for how much the story & characters used to give me at times when I really needed a form of escape, that's a kind of attachment that's hard to get rid off.
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