Album Christina Aguilera - 'Bionic' (2010)


fka bluth fka miss anthropocene
maybe i’m not qualified to review this since i think i’ve only listened in full once, but looking at that behemoth of a tracklist i can see why. i would struggle to think of any artist who could pull off an album of circa 20 full-length songs and have it still be good, and even if i could xtina would not be anywhere near the top of that list. some good moments, the only one i can really remember is bobblehead. probably slightly ahead of its time in terms of collaborators, but sonically? no, very of its time.


Funny mix of producers and songwriters who were very ahead of their time and very of their time. Not “career stop” Bad on its own but certainly most barely exposes the lack of artistic ambition that’s haunted Christina’s discography for her career. She tries to compensate by adding more and more songs and some pseudo narrative of interludes (which basically breaks down to bunching a bunch of clumsy sex songs together) but it would’ve been better as a tighter project with more cohesion. MIA even commented that x didn’t want to mix her sound + voice together, she basically just wanted to record an MIA song impersonating MIA... ok...
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