Single Katy Perry - 'Small Talk' (2019)


fka bluth fka miss anthropocene
the year is 2012. in the basement of rca records sits a camp of poorly paid ghost writers who failed to crack the music industry with their indie band five years ago. bands are going out, pop punk is done, solo females are taking off, they said. they were right. after living on the breadline and defaulting on multiple rent payments, they have finally succumbed to the machine they once mocked. the room is dark and windowless. successful songwriters see the beach, they see a ventilation shaft. in the bin, crumpled drafts of lyrics and discarded cans of red bull. a fly buzzes around a flickering bulb. the men in charcoal suits six floors up demanded a new song for their next export - a young, twenty something year old girl touted as the “next big thing.” young and pretty, as ever, but with a stripped down image. that’s what the kids these days want. the song they make is a rather cynical reflection of what outsiders think pop music is these days, deliberately minimalist and free from dance beats and electronic flourishes in light of the roaring success of adele, gotye and fun. this past year. perfectly inoffensive. later that day, the execs will nod in agreement at the suggestion that this will do well on hot ac. the writers finish their demo, and, like voldemort imbuing a fragment of his soul into a horcrux, a part of them shatters even further as they christen their next creation with a name: “small talk.”
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