Album Kelela - 'Take Me Apart' (2017)

ReleasedOctober 6, 2017
StudioHeavy Duty (Burbank)
Mutant (London)
Rooftop (London)
ProducerKelela (exec.) • Ariel Rechtshaid (also exec.) Jam City (also exec.) Arca • Bok Bok • Dubbel Dutch • Kingdom • Kwes • Asma Maroof • Mocky • Aaron David Ross • Al Shux • Loric Sih • Terror Danjah • Nick Weiss
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My name is Matt

in a good for’gn
this album fills such a ginormous gap in the market for me, it's like mind-boggling. feel like there's nothing else like it. the warp'd IDM textures meets radio-ready turn of the millennium r&b i mean who does that?????

immaculately constructed from every angle and keeps getting better with time
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