Album Janet Jackson - 'Rhythm Nation 1814' (1989)


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When I listen to Rhythm Nation I'm not too crazy about all the interludes, but they are a staple of Janet's albums so I've grown to accept them. Otherwise you're looking at a literal work of ART.


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Artists Influenced by Jackson[edit]
i am SCREECHING @ will ferrell being on this
Does the nightlife get wild down under?
My nightlife days are kind of long ago. There's a bar called SohoBar in King's Cross that I'd go to. And I had my 18th birthday in a small club called The Freezer. In those days I had aspirations to become a dancer, so I did a dance routine there that I had rehearsed. I actually performed at my 18th birthday. I don't know what I was thinking. Somebody should have stopped me. It was one of those classic dances to Janet Jackson, where I was the girl and I was being fought over by two men.

Ahh talent recognizing talent!


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No shade at all but this is legit the worst Janet album for me The over the top agressive production mixed with her asmr vocals, the highly outdated 80s sound, the cheesy lyrics, just everything about it I absolutely hate :deadbanana3:
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