1. Allstar

    TV 💟 BR's TV Pantheon: Greatest Female Characters on TV: PHASE 2 - Rank the Girls!

    This should be simple. Send me a list of all of your favorite female TV characters (as few or as many as you want!). In the second step I will compile a shortlist of characters from everyone's submissions (~30-50 characters, depending on how many different submissions) and those will be ranked...
  2. Mal

    🎭 2019 Film & TV Discussion

    This might flop idk, but we'll see. Anyway, I thought it could be a cool idea if we had a thread specifically to discuss 2019 in film & tv. Stuff like what films and tv series we're looking forward to, our favourites of the year so far, who we think gave the best performances, what projects are...
  3. Allstar

    TV 🛡 Game of Thrones—BR's Best Moments: And now our rate has ended.

    (thanks to @sloth for the beautiful banner!) Welcome to our first (and considering how it's going also final) Game of Thrones rate! Welp, aside from what the show has become, 'Game of Thrones' has still delivered us with plenty of TV's very biggest moments. Many of those were so captivating...
  4. Allstar

    TV 🕌 Game of Thrones - S08E02: 'A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms'

    Game of Thrones: S08E02 – ‘A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms’ If death was looming, how would you spend your final hours? Who would you spend them with? What would you want to remember? This sentiment and thought process lingers through every scene, through every single encounter of 'A Knight...
  5. Allstar

    TV 🐺 Game of Thrones - S8E1: 'Winterfell'

    Game of Thrones: S08E01 – ‘Winterfell’ Nine years ago, ‘Game of Thrones’ started its run with an episode titled after what is now one of the most famous catchphrases of the show, the House Stark’s words ‘Winter Is Coming’. So, it seems fitting that its final season premiere titled...
  6. sloth

    ⚔️ Game of Thrones

    Discuss the mess this new season will be
  7. Grandma Barbie

    💋 Rigga Morris' Drag Race

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