1. Mal

    🎭 2019 Film & TV Discussion

    This might flop idk, but we'll see. Anyway, I thought it could be a cool idea if we had a thread specifically to discuss 2019 in film & tv. Stuff like what films and tv series we're looking forward to, our favourites of the year so far, who we think gave the best performances, what projects are...
  2. Film ✨Bling Ring's Favorite Female Characters in Film!

    If you're a strong female You don't need permission Submit a list of 30 max. female character in film to me by PM by the end of June! No rankings or ratings yet - just submissions!
  3. Jacuzzi Rollercoaster

    Film 🏆 The Best Films of the 21st Century

    Send me a ranked list of your top 25 favorite films of this century (2000-present). Then I will take the results and do the math and post them here. How does a deadline in 2 weeks sound? March 21st. You can FYC your faves here too. :homo:

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